What Servers Does SiteGround Use?

SiteGround does not use Windows servers. All of their servers are Linux-based (Fedora 3) and are configured to work with both Apache and Nginx. If you already have a website on another server, you must first transfer your content to SiteGround and point your domain


the transfer is complete to avoid any downtime. If you want to direct your domain to a new project, you can skip this step.

You can learn how to do this with Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator, DreamHost, Namecheap, and Google Domains. When you direct your name servers to SiteGround, your domain's DNS records (A record, MX records, CNAME record, etc.) and emails will be managed from your SiteGround account. If you have any custom DNS records that need to be kept, you can use the DNS Zone Editor in the Site Tools to configure them before changing the name servers.

Why SiteGround is Reliable

SiteGround runs their service on Google Cloud, ensuring superior availability and reliability as well as one of the fastest networks on the market.

They also use distributed SSD storage for multiple redundancies. Founded in 2004, SiteGround is a global web hosting provider that currently hosts more than 2 million domains worldwide. It offers a specialized platform and dedicated customer support services that make it easy for users to create and grow their websites with performance in mind.

What Makes SiteGround Work?

As mentioned earlier, SiteGround makes use of Linux containers. Linux is the operating system that is responsible for the operations of SiteGround and Apache is the web server that processes data or requests and delivers web content through its HTTP protocol.

Apache works efficiently to provide some of the advantages of SiteGround as a web hosting service and, although SiteGround uses more than one element, Apache is known to be part of the reasons why it works well.

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